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Our next reunion will be on Carnival Magic to the following Islands. San Juan, St. Kitts, Grand Turks, and St Maarten, leaving from Miami Fl. for 7 days begining; July 18th 2020 
Room rates are based double occupancy. All taxes, tips and fees are included 
Interior rooms $1052.00 PP 
Ocean View $1150.52 Ditto 
Balcony $1390.52 Ditto 

First deposit is $250.00 which is due by February 1st, 2020 but you MUST make a minimum payment of $25.00 by April 18 2019, to hold the room. Final payment is due by April 18th 2020. CONTACT ASAP  let me know for sure you will go. Once a minimum of 16 people  assure me they want to go you will get the phone and code to book   Click Contact Me above to email or call.  My phone number is the same as the last reunion.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



This is a glimpse of some of the 2016 reunion attendees. The page will load fast at first then you have a few seconds to view pictures. If you are using an I phone or Ipad you will not see it. It can only be viewed on Desktop or Laptops. Go to the Photo Gallery and click on 2016 Reunion Pictures if you cannot see them here.


This is a picture of Mrs Fay Dixon (970) making presentation of a check from funds made at the 2013 reunion. This was presented to the former Principal,  Miss Dotlyn Dawes, on Monday, September 23rd. The picture below from left to right are: Fay Dixon (in red), Ms Angela Smith (teacher), Mrs Blair (VP) and Miss Dawes (former Principal) posing after collecting the cheque,  


Our August  2013 Reunion in Florida was another very mellifluous  event with people from many different years becoming one, sharing and having fun. Fun is not even the word but when I find the right word I will change it. Maybe catawampus or unimaginable time would be netter. It was more than I thought it would and  we thoroughly enjoyed the reunion.   

There are many pictures of the 2011 and  2013 Reunion in the  Picture Gallery .  Videos are in  the Video Gallery, see 2013  Reunion Videos to the left.

The Reunion Report will give you a little window as to what took place but nothing can replace being there.  You must be logged in members of this site to see the pics in the Gallery and most pages of this site



This webite is for all past students of Carron Hall Vocational High School, located in St Mary, Jamaica. We are accepting past students who attended before it changed in 2002, to Carron Hall High School. 

Here, you  can find your Carron Hall batch mates  by year and  communicate via private Email, Instant Messaging or Message board.

Please let all Carronalites around the world know that, like most other schools, we now have our very own place on the Internet! Pass on the information to any batchmates, second year (seniors) or  freshmen (juniors) you know.



You must be a member and logged in to see most pages and contact other members. To become a member, look for your year of graduation and click on it and sign up. You will have to be approved to join so please make sure to answer the questions about Carron Hall or you will not be accepted.  IS NO UNIVERSAL PASSWORD FOR EVERYONE. See more information on How To Use This Site to the left.

For those who attended  Carron Hall while she was there and didnt' hear, our Miss Deans died and was buried on February 23rd in Portland. See more here   and Tribute  here

Want to see what was happening the year you were born? Click here

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