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Josephine (Mrs) Pinnock (Principal)

Mrs Josephine Pinnock was Principal of Carron Hall Vocational from the early sixties to 1970 when she retired. She ruled with an iron fist but was a stalwart among principals and women. She was feared by students but was also very understanding with some things.

Under her tenure Carron Hall was on the map in Jamaica. Students from far and wide wanted to attend Carron Hall Vocational. I do not know which year she died but RIP Mrs Pinnock, because of you,  many of us is proud to call Carron Hall Vocational High School, our Alma Mater..

If anyone knows  anything about when Mrs pinnock deid or anything else about her, such as where she was born, where she went to school or anything else you can tell. 


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Clair Boyd (Leesang) (1970)


Mrs Pinnock was my Principal-batch 1968-70. Sh was a hard task master and rule with an iron first. We who knew her also knew she was an educated, intelligent and respected Principal and we are better off because of her today.

I do not know when and where she died but may she RIP.


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